Bed Linen Guide

Designed To Last

When it comes to long-term quality of your kids’ bedding, nothing beats cotton. It’ll only get softer with wear.

Our bedding ranges are made from the finest quality 200 thread count 100% cotton percale. Durable cotton and print that withstands frequent washing.

Designed to last and be passed down.

Why cotton bedding for children?


Softness is an inherent characteristic of cotton and perhaps its best-known quality. But it also helps regulate body temperature as you sleep, providing breathability in the heat of summer and insulation on cold winter nights.


100% cotton helps resist allergens because it is naturally hypoallergenic. 

Durability & Wear

Long-staple cotton does not wear, wrinkle, fade or pill as much as most other fabrics, essential virtues for bedding you use every day. Long-staple cotton sheets will feel luxurious for longer, giving you a more comfortable night’s sleep for years to come. 

Easy Care

100% cotton bedding can be washed and dried in a regular washer-dryer. Proper care can extend the longevity and softness of the fabric. Always follow the washing instructions and avoid washing or ironing your sheets at above the recommended temperature.

What is 200 thread count?

Thread count is simply a way of measuring the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of your bed linen.

The higher the thread count, the more threads there are within the fabric, the better it feels against your skin.

What is percale?

Cotton percale is made with longer, finer yarns, which produce a stronger and softer material.