Top tips for redecorating a child's bedroom

A children’s bedroom needs to serve multiple purposes – playroom, study and sanctuary, but most of all a place of comfort and safety.

When it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, the possibilities are endless. If you’re designing a bedroom to last, keep one eye focused on the future as children tend to change their minds easily.

In general, it’s best to stick to fairly neutral furniture and then add fun via the walls, bedding and accessories.

We spoke to children’s interior designer; Abby Keene at Ginger Nest Studios about latest children’s room trends and to get the lowdown on their recent project with Emily Norris featuring our Mini Dino and Mini Rocket bedding.

What are latest children’s interior trends?

I would say the top trends at the moment are canopies, for reading nooks or little hang out areas. I will always try & get one into a room design as kids absolutely love them. Having their own special place just for them goes down so well & they add height & texture to the room.

Girl’s bedrooms there is definitely a want for the scandi, natural, botanical themes. Using pastel colours & wood tones with touches of white & pink & floral accessories seem to be high on the agenda.

When designing a children’s room scheme what are the most important areas to look at?

The layout is the first thing I always think about. Where are items positioned in the room, what is their functionality? What should be sat with what for easy everyday use? Storage is important in any space but especially in children’s room as they accumulate so much stuff! Then I build from this the exciting parts that bring a scheme to life, paint colours, wallpapers, accessories, personalised items, lighting.

What was the brief for Emily Norris’ son’s room?

Jackson’s bedroom brief was to create something that would stand the test of time, injecting playful elements throughout to suit his age & be a place not only to sleep but to play. The bunk bed with trundle was super important for sleepovers with his brothers & also for when all his cousins can come to stay!  

mini rockets bedding

Where do you shop for children’s room accessories?

There are so many wonderful suppliers for all children related accessories now but my go to’s would be;

Belly Bambino for the cutest character seagrass baskets, they bring in a tonne of personality & fun & have a wide variety of different styles.

Autumns Corner, I love for shelves as you can choose your own colours on the wood to suit your space.

Scandiborn & Bobby Rabbit also never fail for lots of choices.

What’s important to take into account when designing a room to last a child a number of years?

This is one thing that pops up in lots of client’s briefs. My style generally is to keep all the key pieces of furniture more grown up, not getting a wardrobe from a nursery supplier for example as they are diddy & won’t last long or getting a cot that will turn into a bed so you’re ready for the transformation that comes around all too quickly! This way, the bulk of the pieces can last a long time and adding accessories to suit their age, framed posters, wall accessories, cushions can be easily changed as their interests or age changes.

If you had a small budget, what would you focus on to update a room?

First thing again would be what is required for the functionality of the space, has the client got any existing furniture that could help? Then I would consider what is going to be the biggest wow factor when you first walk in. Could it be a feature wall with geometric paint or a wallpaper with a real pop or pattern to it? The greatest thing now is the amount of choice that is out there for all kinds of budgets. Getting the right balance & spending in the right areas can still create something wonderful no matter the budget!

And finally, what do you enjoy most about your job?

I really do love everything about my job – creating something from a blank space & having a vision then seeing it come to life but most of all it’s making people happy – especially the kids. When I was young, my mum surprised me with a new bedroom & I can vividly remember that feeling walking in & seeing it for the first time. To be a part of that feeling for lots of children fills me with so much joy… If the kids are happy, us parents are happy too!

Check out the youtube video of the room transformation here.